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Backpacking School

  • For any woman who said “no” to adventure because someone told her she was not an athlete
  • For any woman who put dreams on the back burner to care for family, career, or friends…
  • For any woman of color who has watched from afar because she didn’t feel safe in the backcountry…
  • For any woman who thought it might be “too late” for her to begin camping, hiking, backpacking, or go on travel adventures…

We’re so sorry – the 2024 Summit Sisters Backpacking Class is full. If you’d like to be notified of any cancellations, or be the first to know about future classes, sign up for the mailing list, or send us a message here.

Backpacking School

Best. Experience. Ever!

Being part of the Summit Sisters Backpacking School was so much more than attending a series of classes.  Even though I had some camping history, I learned and experienced so much more.  I met other women in all phases of life trying to push themselves. I learned things about myself that had been hidden for years or never discovered until now.  I learned about gear and leave no trace. I learned that when you remove all the distractions of everyday life and put only what you need on your back, life has an incredibly simple beauty. Do you know the beautiful sound of nature’s quiet? Have you heard the symphonic transition of music from sundown to sunrise?  Can you get these things by yourself? Maybe…. But there is a richness that grows in this community. I love these women who have made me laugh until I cried. I would do this again with much less hesitation!  Come join us….   Just follow the laughter!

—Cherie H.

Forever Grateful

When I signed up for the 2022 Summit Sisters class it was not an easy decision. It wasn’t easy to decide to spend the money and the time away from my family.  I thought I knew what I was getting in to. I would learn the basics about backpacking, maybe some tips and tricks, maybe some information about gear. I knew I would be learning this from an instructor that was extremely experienced so she would be intimidating. I would definitely feel inadequate.  Here is what I didn’t know…I didn’t know that I would find a sense of community, sisterhood and empowerment.  That I would look forward to every class and hike. That Nancy would lead and teach with warmth, grace and inclusiveness, never once making me feel inadequate.  That the information and practical skills I learned throughout our time together would be more than I could have hoped. Because of this experience,  I have no doubt that I could (and will) plan and execute my own backpacking trip.  But even more powerful is the confidence I built. The confidence that Nancy and my Summit Sisters fostered.  I will be forever grateful for this experience. Thank you isn’t enough.

Tiffany G.

Heart and Passion

I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in Summit Sisters class of 2022 – Sole Sisters! This experience brought me refreshed peace found in nature, knowledge to be safe/wise on the trails & beautiful friendships with a multi-generational group of women empowering one another. The heart and passion my dear friend and sister Nancy poured into this class was felt in every detail. I encourage any woman who has an interest to connect with other women, enjoy the beauty in nature, and/or would like to gain wisdom on the outdoors, Summit Sisters is for you!

Jessica M.

Packed with Information

I LOVE SUMMIT SISTERS! Having just completed the Beginner’s Backpacking Overnight, I feel so loved and empowered. The four months of training developed muscles, endurance and a community of women who knew each other so well that when I needed assistance or encouragement, they were there for me.  The Class Work was packed with information that was presented in a way that made me feel valued and intelligent. I am a better woman, mom, friend and team member because of this journey. I highly recommend this class for any woman of any age who wants to learn a skill and find her strength within!

—Donna R.

Summit Sisters

A Summit Trek & Travel Program

Backpacking Course for Women

4 months of weekly training hikes

4 months of weekly yoga

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Overnight beginner trip

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 Summit Sisters Backpacking Course


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