Hack of the Month

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Backpacking

This may be the Best. Hack. Ever.

When you need to answer the call of nature on the trail, it’s important to get far enough away from the trail for Leave No Trace purposes. For “Number Two” that means 200’ away from the trail, water sources and campsites. Even for “Number One” you generally want to get far enough off the trail so that you can’t be seen. Well, if you can’t be seen from the trail, that also means you can’t see the trail. Turn around once and all the trees look the same…so how do make sure you can find your way back? Run a 200’ string? (Impractical to say the least.)  Break tree branches to make a “path”? (Oh, please don’t do that…) Count on your excellent sense of direction? (Um… maybe some of us.)

Try this. Carry a brightly colored bandana. You can attach it to the strap of your pack to access as a sweat wipe. When you head for the trees, take the bandana with you and after you’re a bit away but can still see the trail, tie it to a tree branch or bush. Then continue on to your “sit spot” keeping the BANDANA in sight. When you’re ready to head back, walk to the bandana and you’ll be able to see the trail.

You’re welcome.

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