Sole Sisters – They Did It!!

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Backpacking

“I LOVE SUMMIT SISTERS! Having just completed the Beginner’s Backpacking Overnight, I feel so loved and empowered. The four months of training developed muscles, endurance and a community of women who knew each other so well that when I needed assistance or encouragement, they were there for me.  The Class Work was packed with information that was presented in a way that made me feel valued and intelligent. I am a better woman, mom, friend and team member because of this journey. I highly recommend this class for any woman of any age who wants to learn a skill and find her strength within!” Sole Sister Donna R. AKA “Chief”

These strong, capable, beautiful women just finished their classes and completed their first backpacking trip! We hiked in to Shimps Hollow at Germantown Metro Park on a blazing hot July day, taking lots of breaks and drinking lots of water. Once we reached camp, the rest of the day was all about teamwork, sisterhood, showing off all they’d learned by setting up camp and getting dinner in record time. As the sun set and the sounds of the wood thrush gave way to crickets and katydids, the glowing embers of a campfire became the focal point and friends shared stories and memories. One by one, the Sisters reluctantly said “sleep well” as Nature’s night music made eyelids grow heavy.

The friendships forged over the past 4 months are strong and the Sole Sisters have decided to keep it going. Check out our MeetUp for the Summit Sister Hike series for women and join us!

Interested in the 2023 Summit Sisters Class? Let us know! Read more and sign up here; or email:

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