Tree Aura

by | May 24, 2022 | Backpacking

Summit Sisters Founding members hiked the Twin Arches loop in Big South Fork, Tennessee a few weeks ago. The wildflowers were blooming like crazy, the weather was picture perfect, and we were filled to bursting with Tree Aura. “What’s ‘Tree Aura’,” you say? Tree Aura is that intangible something the trees gift us with when we spend time beneath them. It’s the substance that reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins in our bodies. It is the wave of calm that floats from the leaves and fills our lungs with healing energy. It gives us joy and makes us feel strong. If you’ve spent time in the wilderness, you know that feeling.

Tree Aura is what calls us back to nature to experience sun dappled trails, tiny wildflowers tucked under arched leaves, bird song, the soft scurry of furry creatures, star light and shadows cast by the moon flickering on the outside of our tent, and night music. It is soul filling and empowering.

Summit Sisters founding members on top of the world and feeling strong: Step, Snort, Ranger, and Cap’n Crunch.

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