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We are dedicated to developing Outdoor Adventurers who love the planet and who are able to explore and enjoy our natural world competently, comfortably, and with confidence.

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To inspire others to dream, and to challenge and empower them to reach those dreams, while simultaneously instilling a deep love of our natural world and a desire to steward it respectfully.

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We’ve got four great ways to get involved.

Wild and Wooly

Summit Trek & Travel High Adventure

Venture further out with us, to experience the beauty of nature on longer, more challenging trips. We’ll plan the trip, help you prepare, and provide an experienced trip leader. Places like:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Yellowstone and the Tetons
  • Alaska
  • And more…

Wild and Worldly

Summit Trek & Travel International

We plan everything, provide the guides, and help you prepare for a world class adventure. Small group, once in a life-time experiences for those willing to step off the grid. New trips each year:

  • Trek the jungle in Costa Rica
  • Ride horses in the Ecuadorian Andes
  • Explore a glacier in Patagonia
  • Sail to Galapagos
  • And more…

Summit Sisters


  • For any woman who said “no” to adventure because someone told her she was not an athlete
  • For any woman who put dreams on the back burner to care for family, career, or friends…
  • For any woman of color who has watched from afar because she didn’t feel safe in the backcountry…
  • For any woman who thought it might be “too late” for her to begin camping, hiking, backpacking, or go on travel adventures…

This course was developed especially for you!

Wild but Mild

Summit Trek & Travel Training, Beginner, and Intermediate Trips

We plan everything, provide the guides, and help prepare you to experience nature comfortably, competently, and with confidence.

  • Training hikes – we lead hikes at local parks for a few hours, and day-long adventures within a few hours’ drive of SW Ohio
  • Virtual training sessions on a range of outdoor topics
  • In-person classes on all things related to backpacking and safety on the trail
  • Wildflower walks, foraging classes, plant identification, bird watching, and more
  • Beginner backpacking trips to locations within a day’s drive of SW Ohio

Car camping, organized canoe and kayaking trips, and more…


We specialize in experiences that put outdoor adventure within reach for those who have traditionally not had equal access, those who thought they weren’t “athletic” enough, and others who put their own dreams of adventure on the backburner to care for family or career.


Founder and CAO (Chief Adventure Officer) Nancy Ball, began leading backpacking trips for a circle of friends in 2006.  Over time, both the circle of friends and the scope of the trips has expanded. Nancy has experience planning and guiding trips from the Appalachian Trail to the rainforest of Costa Rica, and from day hiking to backpacking, kayaking, rappelling, canyoning and more. Each Summit Trek & Travel adventure is tailored to the experience level of the participants, who are coached and supported for success.

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